Social Media and Smart Phone Apps

We know how much everyone relies on social media and their smart phones to stay abreast of news, organizations, and important tasks.  We are helping to support you in that way too. 


We have a Facebook page for our practice and would love for you to visit that page and click the “Like” button while you are there.  From time-to-time we will be posting helpful and informative things that will show up in your feed.  We promise that it will not be so often as to be intrusive.  We know that Facebook is an integral part of most people’s day and information gathering so we will promise to be good Facebook neighbors.


ZocDoc Phone Application:

ZocDoc allows you to interact with us and/or other providers and specialties right from your phone.  You can search by location, specialty, and insurance type.   If you would like to try out the ZocDoc Ap you can get it at the Apple App Store of from Google Play store for Android, just follow the links below to your respective phone type.  Note:  ZocDoc, iPhone, and Android phones, apps, and functions are all provided to you from those third parties and we do not provide support or purview over them.
Apple Store
Google Store

Or visit the ZocDoc website to learn more: